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After many years of work for construction & manufacturing industry on American and European market we had an opportunity to see ups and downs of companies for which delivering projects was the main point of interest. Both levels of performance – ups and downs – were strongly related with quality of documentation and processes delivered by those entities or based on which entities were creating their products.

This is our mission – to help increase quality of final product by increasing the quality of documentation and processes. Beneficiaries of such services are basically all parties involved in design, manufacturing, assembling but what is the most important it serves the main party of entire process – the Client.

Our offer is addressed to all parties taking part in venture


minimizing the amount of misses, gaps and lacks in consistency in documentation means less claims after design process is finished


minimizing the amount of re-works and reducing scraps which leads to more streamlined manufacturing process


reductions of re-works and misses in material orders leads to fluent assembling and installation process


less problems during all of the phases above means more streamlined process, less time waste and leads to the point where Your project is being delivered within the most efficient timeframe.


Basic offering is

If the quality of your project really matters, do not hesitate to contact us through form which can be found in CONTACTS.

Our service can be extended based on individual needs as well. We do help in verifying processes, identifying bottlenecks and setting more efficient flow of work as an consultant.


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